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Precision Tint and Design, established in my home town of Port Charlotte, Fl in 2006. Opened with the intention of delivering the best quality work in town; focused on the quality of the job and not the quantity. I want you to have the best experience with your new window tint installation and have years of enjoyment. Service offerings include: all areas of window tinting and paint protection films for your vehicle.   With a growing demand for solar control window film, my business expanded from Automobile’s to – RVs, Boats, Residential Homes and Commercial Buildings.  I offer high quality options Autobahn Window Films (Autobahn website) and  Hüper Optik Ceramic Window Films (Hüper Optik Website) including their line of residential and commercial window films.  Fully stocked with Dyed, Hybrid Ceramic and 100% Ceramic window film options, enabling me to have a window film option for every budget. I also carry window film options that can help protect you from Storms, Burglary (smash-n-grab), or if you’re not concerned then we can take care of the day to day routine of the SUN and block its solar energy.

Can you imagine having a window film installed on your home or business windows that offers you EVERYDAY PROTECTION;  A window film that blocks up to 86 percent of the total solar heat (TSER), 99 percent of the ultra violet and up to 98% of the heat producing Infrared radiation (depending on film choice), and protection from wind born debris!

Also specializing in custom DIY window film kits: Vehicle window tint patterns per vehicle, paint protection kits, or decorative films that make for an artistic statement at your place of business or even at home.SLOGAN

For all your Tint and Design needs please email me at: info@PrecisionTintandDesign.com


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