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Solar Control Window Films for your Car, Home Or Business: Aid in Energy Conservation!!

Firstly, I want to start off by saying thank you for your interest in this post.

If you do not understand the benefits of solar control window films (window tint), hopefully I can help elevate your perception some.

When you think of window tint what comes to mind?  Is it negative.. Too dark.. Interferes with your vision?   Well, we have heard it all and I am determined to set the record straight!

Solar Control Window film technology has advanced dramatically over the last 15 years.  There are window films available which are optically clear but still have a Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) of 50%.  An all-dyed automotive window film like “limo tint”  does not compare to these technological break-throughs.  How is that do you ask?  Nano-Technology! This technology has allowed engineers to produce a window film, utilizing special elements, that when layered onto polyester can absorb or reflect solar radiation at higher wavelengths, as the energy transmits through the film.  Yes, I said “wavelength” –  Something you probably wouldn’t think of when considering your next window film purchase.  When we experience the solar energy spectrum (heat) of the sun we get HEAT from three sources: 53% is from Infrared Radiation (IR), 44% is from Visible Light and 3% is from Ultra Violet Radiation (UV);  this energy spectrum spans from 280 nano-meters (nm) all the way up to 2500 nm in wavelength.

My main objective here is to educate you on why solar control window films are becoming more of a demand than a luxury. Please don’t get me wrong: Tint looks good! And it can add to the aesthetics of any home, vehicle, or commercial building. But solar energy rejection, UV protection and energy efficiency will be the main objective in this application. Protecting our Family and oneself from these elements is a must. To me, it is just as important as using sun screen.  The harmful UV and IR Rays are leading to more skin cancer and melanoma cases than any other disease known.  Other damaging effects on our possessions include: fading of automotive seats, interior panels, headliner deterioration; deterioration of certain materials: curtains, art work, photographs, and that new wood flooring you just laid down. These faded areas are known as – “hot spots” and we can help!

I don’t know about you, but I want SPF 1000!

Climate Change is upon us. The sun is emitting more heat. Our green house gases are compiling; adding to our heat load.  As we go through the day –  the “Solar Cycle” – the Sun is damaging and fading our prized possessions. Things we have worked hard for.  No-one really takes into consideration what the sun does to our belongings until its too late.  If you Google: “Sun Spots” you will see that the number of “Sun Spots” on the Sun is steadily increasing.

We can’t stop it from its daily routine, but what we can do as a business is implement a solution:  Precision Tint & Design – Solar Control Specialists.

When it comes time to make your decision on who you’d like to employ, consider having a Window Film Professional with EXPERIENCE complete your installation:

In-Field experience is a must.

Low-E, Tempered, factory tinted, Dual-Pane and Triple-Pane windows will be an expensive replacement if the installer lacks experience with these glazing units. There is a high probability for Thermal Stress and they can/will fracture. Something the window film and/or the window manufacturer will not cover if the wrong film is installed.  A professional installer should have a window film recommendation chart to aid in this decision.

Another key benefit to using a professional boils down to the warranty paperwork: if a problem were ever to arise;  not only are you covered by Precision Tint and their commitment to quality, but 3M and Hüper Optik stand behind their products as well.

Residential Warranties: Lifetime!

Commercial Warranties: 15 Years!

Automotive Warranties: Lifetime!

**With approved warranty and paperwork**

Hüper Optik Window Films received the first patent on a Nano-Ceramic window film in 1998, utilizing TiN – Titanium Nitrite.  All other “Ceramic” window films are typically hybrids (dyed and an IR coated/chemical layer) unless shown otherwise.  Hüper Optik informs us all, in writing, what they’re utilizing in their films construction to give it its performance.   It is a Multi-Layered Ceramic window film.  Hüper Optik Window Films is our Flat Glass (home or business) window film of choice.    Offering amazing clarity, longevity and performance!!


You can feel comfortable in knowing that you are dealing with courteous, knowledgeable and trained professionals when doing business with us.

Here at Precision Tint & Design we strive to be the best at what we do!

We will provide you with the best understanding of solar control window film’s before making your final decision.

For Automotive, Residential and Commercial installations:  It is in the finished product that I pride myself on the most.  My main goal is to give you one of the best tint jobs you’ve ever had.   To help us achieve this goal we ask that all areas, surrounding the windows/doors, are clear of any obstructions and/or contamination:  large desks, important paperwork, drywall dust, construction dust, pet hair, beach sand, dirt;  muddy trucks, and/or dirty cars.   If you would like us to take care of this for you we will happily do so for a reasonable charge.

Thank you very much for your interest in Precision Tint & Design. For any questions feel free to contact us via email:

Why Professional Installation is best:

Professional dealer installers should have “film-to-glass”  recommendations from their manufacturers.

Be sure to follow film to glass specifications. Improperly installed film can cause thermal seal failure of certain glazing units and can shatter.  So make sure you hire a knowledgeable professional/installer.

Professionally installed window films look better, last longer and are more likely to perform to specifications for their warranted lives, or even longer, than those improperly installed.

Professional dealer installers have experience and/or training which can help them to identify unique or unusual circumstances which might affect either the installation or performance of a particular product in a given situation and might not otherwise be noticed.

The warranties offered on quality films installed by professional dealer installers usually cover’s costs of removal, costs of replacement film, and costs of re installation.  Film purchased elsewhere will likely only be covered for costs of replacing film in the event of a problem or product failure.

Window film manufacturer’s offer Economy Window Films, and you do not want them here in FL if you keep your car for more then a year.  They carry limited warranties, performance ratings and are GUARANTEED TO FAIL.  They are exactly that: Economy Films.  

We will not lower our standard or the products we offer to save a couple bucks. Plain and Simple!

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November 22nd, 2009
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